Version Release Date
21.7.1226.0 22-11-2022
The following issues have been resolved:
The weight for goods in Unit of Measure was not set correctly on Delivery Note Lines.
The Pick-up and delivery time were not respecting time zone differences. This has been adjusted.
Several improvements in Carrier Select functionality on the Sales Orders.
ShipIT Qty. to Send was not cleared when changing the sales lines to a location with WMS handling.
The default package was added again on the Transport Order when it was removed on the Sales Order.
The default package was added again on the Transport Order when it was removed on the Sales Order.
The number of packages doubled on the Transport Order when it was copied from Sales Order Packages.
Improvements for enabling the Linking package content functionality:
The calculated weight of a package with linked content was incorrect.
During the upgrade an error could occur, because the api call to check our license was blocked in this process.
Version Release Date
20.7.1079.0 18-10-2022
The following issues have been resolved:
Retrieving the status of transport order bookings gave errors, when the language was not set to English.
The amount on the transport order line was multiplied with the base quantities (quantities in unit of measure) twice.
The description of the packages on a transport order were copied from the package type, this is not the expected input in Transsmart and is rejected by a few carriers.
Version Release Date
20.7.977.0 30-09-2022
The following improvements have been implemented:
It is now possible to assign the delivery note information (items) to the packages.
Additional costs apply, please contact for more details.
This means that the carrier knows exactly which goods are in a package, which can be a requirement for some carriers for cross-border shipments.
We have implemented a different API to retrieve the statuses of transport orders from Transsmart.
This solves the Rate Delimiter errors that might occur when the statuses of Transsmart shipments were requested in bulk via the job queue.
The following issues have been resolved:
The registered username was not accepted on new implementations in the Setup Wizard. This has now been resolved.
High volume customers got a rate delimiter error on shipment calls. Several changes have been implemented to prevent these issues.
The shipping agent and shipping agent service is no longer mandatory, when using the Carrier Select functionality on a Sales Order.
Version Release Date
19.7.704.0 18-08-2022
The following improvements have been implemented:
Support for Variant Codes has been added to the Transport Orders. The Variant Code is visible on the Delivery Note Lines and in the communication with Transsmart the Item No. and Variant Code are combined.
It is now possible to customize the calculation of qty. to send on source documents or to disable the error for over-shipping. Click here for more info.
Version Release Date 11-05-2022
The following issues have been resolved:
The Bing Maps Factbox gave an error, because of license issues.
On the ShipIT Setup Card or – Wizard create and setup a personal Bing Maps key.
The City or County was cleared when converting source documents to transport orders.
The total amount of the commercial invoice was incorrect.
The License Plate No. has been extended to 20 characters. This field is used by the Tasklet integration.
Version Release Date
19.6.12230.0 10-03-2022
The following issues have been resolved:
For some source documents the lines with zero quantities were forwarded to the Transport Order.
Creating a Sales Quote for a Contact gave an error about a missing customer no.
currency in the Delivery Note Info Line was not populated in the transsmart Shipment API.
The following improvements have been implemented:
Additional fields and factboxes have been added to the Transport Order List and – Card.
Version Release Date
19.6.12225.0 17-02-2022
The following issues have been resolved:
The Phone number and House number are no longer mandatory fields when creating or posting transport orders.
Dutch translation issue on the ShipIT Setup.
No validation errors occur when working with negative quantities on sales orders and service orders.
Additional development is required to support the flow where negative quantities are handled as reversed logistics.
This will be developed in a future release.
Version Release Date
19.6.12220.0 13-01-2022
The following issues have been resolved:
The currency code on Delivery Note Lines was not correctly communicated to Transsmart.
The default cost center from the ShipIT Setup was not used for transport orders created from sales orders or purchase return orders.
In some situations the parameters for the job queue entries that ShipIT uses were obmitted.
The calculation of the transport order value was incorrect.
Version Release Date
19.6.12000.0 20-12-2021
The following issues have been resolved:
The Transport Order Details Factbox on source documents (e.g. a sales order) was showing total values for all the existing transport orders,
when a transport order didn’t exist for the source document .
When using Batch Posting or when posting warehouse shipments a confirm to view the created or updated transport order was given for every order that was booked.
There is now one notification for all the transport orders that are created or updated when posting a batch.
Combining transport orders didn’t always work as expected when working with warehouse shipments.
Especially when the Shipping Agent or – Service is changed on the warehouse shipment.
The cause was that Business Central updates the Shipping Agent and – Service on the source documents without validation.
As a result, the Shipping Time on the source document does no longer reflect the actual shipping times for the selected carrier.
The following improvements have been implemented:
It is now possible to Create, Book and Print a transport order when shipping a source document (e.g., a sales order).
This has been implemented as a Beta feature, because the basic data needs to be accurate on the source documents for this process to work efficiently.
We therefore believe that this feature is not recommended for all customers.
Beta features can be enabled on the ShipIT Setup.
When enabling the Beta features additional options will be available in the After Posting options on the same page.
Beta features are pre-released features that in it’s current shape have limitations in the supported usage scenarios or they are new features that have not been fully tested.
Because of the nature of Beta features, we give limited support on them. Support tickets may be raised with suggestions and general feedback,
but issues will only be solved in newer versions of the product and not on a per customer basis.
Version Release Date
19.6.11120.0 24-11-2021
The following issues have been resolved:
When posting sales invoices or purchase return orders an attempt was made to create a transport order.
The tracking information was not copied to the warehouse shipment from the source documents,
when Get Source Documents was performed on an existing Warehouse Shipment.
The light license didn’t accept the creation of transport orders when one carrier was used with multiple shipping agent services mapped.
The quantities on the transport order were not based on the quantities per unit of measure of the source documents (base quantities).
An error occurred on the sales order when the carrier select functionality had no shipping date available.
When the item description exceeds 64 characters an error occurred when creating a transport order.
When performing the Undo Shipment functions on posted documents, it is checked if transport orders exists.
The amount in the Delivery Note Lines of the transport order was based on the total amount of the source document line, while it’s supposed to be the unit price.
The following improvements have been implemented:
The Tracking Information from Transsmart, like the tracking no. and the tracking URL are now updated on all source documents.
Previously the tracking information were only updated on the sales order and the sales shipment.
The Shipment Method Code is now also copied from the source documents to the warehouse shipment,
when all source document lines use the same Shipment Method.
It is now possible to setup a different behavior with regards to the creation of transport orders after posting sales return orders compared to sales orders.
Previously, there was only one setting (the “After Posting Sales Orders” field in the ShipIT Setup) which was also applied when handling sales return orders.
On the Item Unit of Measure a package type can be mapped. When items are sold a unit of measure with a package type setup,
then the required number of packages will be automatically added to transport order.
It’s now possible to select multiple transport orders in the transport order list and perform actions like booking, printing, synchronizing, etc… for multiple transport orders.
The notification or warning that is given when a transport order has been created after posting a source document can now be suppressed.
This is a setting in the ShipIT Setup (field Suppress Transport Order Created Notification)
Version Release Date
19.6.11000.0 08-11-2021
The following issues have been resolved:
The shipment values on the transport order were not correctly calculated when transport orders were manually created from a posted document.
Or when the source document was deleted during the posting routine.
E.g., when the transport order was automatically created after completely shipping and invoicing a sales order.
The prices were either blank or they were not based on amounts including VAT.
The preferred delivery date was not correctly determined when creating a transport order from a sales return order.
Due to a translation issue in the French localization, the communication with Transsmart was not working.
The Delivery Notes did not contain the right values when working with partial deliveries.
The following improvements have been implemented:
The Application Area “Location” is used for everything related to Transfer Orders.
The source document no. and the customer number are now included in the communication with Transsmart.
Version Release Date
19.6.10925.0 11-10-2021
The following issues have been resolved:
Splitting the address into a street and a house number was inefficient when numbers were used in the street name or when the house number had an addition (E.g., 1st Cross street 20 a)
Qty. to Send was not reset after creating a transport order from a posted document
When using multiple warehouse shipments for a single source line (e.g., a sales order line), then the process can give an error that the ShipIT Quantity to Send field exceeds the quantity.
This can happen during the creation of the shipment or when registering the pick (or changing Qty. to Ship manually).
The cause of this is that when the second warehouse shipment line is created the remaining quantity of the source line is set as the (total) quantity on the warehouse shipment line.
So, ShipIT Quantity to Send should not be compared against the quantities on the warehouse shipment line.
Instead, the quantities of the source document should be used.
The following improvements have been implemented:
When the creation of transport orders is setup to be part of the posting routine, then the entire transaction is reversed if an error occurs while creating the transport orders.
This means that it’s guaranteed that the transport order exists, even when the process was interrupted for instance due to locking.
Another advantage is that the issue causing an error message (E.g., missing address information) can be resolved on the unposted source document.
Before this change the transport order was missing and it could not be recreated afterwards, because that would result in the same error message.
Version Release Date
18.5.10911.0 19-09-2021
The following issues have been resolved:
The automatically creation of transport orders based on transfer orders was not implemented when posting warehouse shipments.
The following improvements have been implemented:
The Sales Document is no longer reopened when a transport order is created from a sales shipment.
Delivery Notes are now created for all source documents.
Version Release Date
18.5.10900.0 14-09-2021
The following issues have been resolved:
The address information on the transport order was not populated after selecting a customer or vendor when manually creating a transport order.
Double transport order source lines were created when working with warehouse picks.
The ShipIT Quantity to Send was not initialized on a warehouse shipment.
Initialization is relevant when warehouse shipments are used, but warehouse picks are not.
After booking a transport order several fields (volume, weight and description) were cleared on the packages of the transport order.
As a consequence the total values on the transport order were also incorrect.
Due to a change in the Transsmart portal the Open in Dashboard function on the Transport Order wasn’t working anymore.
The values on the Delivery Note Lines were incorrect when working with creating a transport order after a partial warehouse pick.

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