If you are working with locations you can setup a default Calendar on the location card which will enable the calculation of non-working days of your company.
When you are creating the transport Order the system will calculate the pick-up date based on the requested delivery date – shipping time and – the non-working dates

This can be applicable if for instance you warehouse is closed in the weekend and the customer delivery request is on a monday.
The business central system will suggest a pick-up date based on the shipping time. Usually 1 day and will prepare a transportorder with pick-up date (day) sunday.
When the calendar is in place the proposed day will be the last working day (Friday)

In the shipping agent it’s possible to set restriction on the carriers. For instance a carrier which will only pick-up until 3:00 PM or only pick-up between 5 and 9 PM or only has weekday delivery

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