Setup Sendcloud

Sendcloud specific Setup

When you click the provider * Sendcloud* via the *ShipIT *wizard you will open the Sendcloud Setup.
You can enter you Sendcloud specific setup in this page.

When all credentials are inserted and verified you can enable your connection and update the master data

For instance. If you are only Shipping from NL to Belgium and Germany you can just setup this combination. When entered only the shipment methods with this combinations are synchronized.
See detail in the chapter Update Masterdata

So first create a mapping in the country region page fort the ship and the return countries to limit the import/synchronization of all countries and the related services for shipments and returns.
Only select the ship-to countries when you click yes. Delete the non-used country codes in this page.

Sendcloud synchronization does not include package types. You can configure your packages via the Ribbon and if needed insert a default package for the sendcloud transport.
If needed setup a mass and volume conversion factor. This is depending on how your items weight values are registered in business central. Grams or Kg for instance.

When the wizard is completed you can configure additional functionality in the ShipIT setup page

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