Packages in the new multiprovider ShipIT application are no longer based on a single package line with quantities.
If you have multiple packages for your shipment you will have to create additional package lines.
With the creation of separate lines you will now see the track & trace per line (box) this means you have more detailed information about the shipments.

Therefore a new function is introduced on the package subpage. This is called add additional package. Enter your required package line first and then click on the button Add additional package. Enter the quantity of your needed package lines and click ok. De new package lines are inserted in the package subpage.

If you have a subscription on the extended license for package content, it’s possible to define and link your items with your package.

You can see if your license is activated when the application area for package content is enabled and the link Delivery Lines with package in the ShipIT Setup is enabled.
Your shipments will now be sent as colli lines instead of shipment lines. This is visible in the nShift Transsmart Portal Delivery notes.

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