In the nShift Ship portal it is possible to setup multiple actors for different contracts.
As a consequence the master data, that is retrieved from the nShift Ship, is bound to a specific actor.

ShipIT 365 supports multiple actors for different actors per location out of the box.
From the NShift Ship Setup page the additional actors can be specified.
The basic data is then retrieved for all the actors.

On the Location Card an additional Actor Id can be selected.
By doing so, the Carrier Select functionality will retrieve the possible carriers and services from the correct actor.
As a result, one can only select services from the actor that belongs to the specified location.

Without the Carrier Select functionality the user must manually choose the correct shipping agent and shipping agent service, that belongs to the location.
By selecting the right location, default shipping agent and default shipping agent service on the customer card all the correct settings will be added to the Sales Document automatically.
Only when manually selecting shipping agents and shipping agents services, the users must be aware which service belongs to which actor (location).

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