The ShipIT app is also compatible with the Tasklet Factory Connector.

Steps for this scenario.

  1. Create a New sales Order.
  2. Insert the requested delivery date
  3. Check the following fields in the Shippiing & Billing Fasttab*. Insert if needed or set the defaults in the customer card. Or use the carrier selection function to get the best rate proposal.
  4. Release the Sales Order
  5. Create the Warehouse document
  6. Create the Warehouse Pick document

At this point the warehouse document is available in the warehouse scanner for completion.

  1. Perform the Pick and Register Process with the scanning device
  2. You can also register a license plate and with extended packing app you can include packing stations
  3. The warehouse Shipment document is automatically triggered and posted when the user confirms the action in the scanner
  4. The Transport order is created, Booked and Printed directly.

* – Code (Shipment Method) (Mapped to the nShift Transsmart Incoterms) – Service Agent (Mapped with the nShift Transsmart Carrier) – Agent Service (Mapped with the nShift Transsmart Service Profile – Rates)

After booking of the transportorder the ShipIT flow is finished and in most of the cases the business central process is also ended.

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