Main Topics

  1. API URLs no longer have to be typed.
    Just select whether you are targeting the test/accept or production environment.
  2. We minimized the ShipIT footprint.
    All ShipIT code that could be removed from standard tables, codeunits and pages has been moved to our own tables. And ShipIT now uses event publishers everywhere it is possible. The amount of code merge is now very limited (about 1/3 of what it was before).
  3. Code refactored to enable automatic 3-way merge.
    We refactored the code for standard to make automatic 3-way merges possible.
  4. Improved user feedback.
    Before ShipIT was silent when it hadn’t done anything. Now there is feedback when transport orders/lines cannot be created.
  5. Added ‘Mapped Reference Fields’.
    You can now automatically map source document fields to the ShipIT transport order reference fields.
  6. Automatic order status updates.
    We added codeunit ‘SI – Update Order Status’. Add this codeunit as a job queue entry to automatically update the Transsmart status for pending transport orders.

Code Housekeeping

  1. Many small bug fixes & code improvements.

UX enhancements

  1. Several pages have been reworked. Fields and buttons are reorganized to provide a more logical user experience. Less used fields are all moved behind the ‘more fields’ link.
  2. Automatic transport order status updates also improve the user experience.

Improved release build process

  1. ShipIT releases now come with pre-merged packages for all available NAV/BC cumulative updates for W1 and NL.

List of tables which no longer contain ShipIT code

  1. 36 Sales Header
  2. 37 Sales Line
  3. 38 Purchase Header
  4. 39 Purchase Line
  5. 5741 Transfer Line
  6. 5900 Service Header
  7. 5902 Service Line
  8. 7321 Warehouse Shipment Line

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