To open the Transport Orders list go to Departments > ShipIT > Order Processing > Lists and click Transport Orders:

Figure 3-5: Using ShipIT, Transport Orders List

The list of actions available for the Transport Orders is shown on the image below:

Figure 3-6: Using ShipIT, Transport Orders Actions List

Select any Transport Order line in the list and click View or Edit to open the Transport Order Card.

Figure 3-7: Using ShipIT, Transport Order Card, Actions List

The fields on the Transport Order card are self-explanatory. It is worth mentioning that the Additional References FastTab is not present in NAV database and is meant to provide a way to store useful information, for example Driver ID or Route ID. Transsmart is going to use some values in this field for more precise costs calculations and better logistics.
The list of actions available on the Transport Order Card is very similar to Transport Orders List and is shown on the image below:

Figure 3-8: Using ShipIT, Transport Orders Actions List

In order to automatically calculate the possible and available Shipping Agent, Shipment Method and Shipment Service combinations, click Carrier Select in the ribbon.

Figure 3-9: Using ShipIT, Carrier Select List

The sufficient lines will be marked with green color while the failing combinations will be marked in red.

Transport Order processing is supported by user-friendly error handling. If you forgot to add a Shipping Agent and tried to click Book, you can come back, fix the error and book the Transport Order again.

Figure 3-10: Using ShipIT, Booking Transport Order with Errors

In the example above the error clearly states that a Shipping Agent Code must have a value, and this streamlines a lot finding the reason of a failing processing.
As there are no reports in Dynamics NAV containing ShipIT information, it is possible to create a list of reports per Transport Order using the add-on. To create the list of reports click Reports in the Transsmart tab on the ribbon.
These reports will be used (printed) at a specific moment during the handling of a Transport Order (for example before or after booking).
The NAV partner and end customer should decide at which moment the reports will be printed. Also, they will need to make a decision about linking a default set of reports to a Transport Order automatically.

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