After the setup of ShipIT add-on is complete, you can test your application and start creating Transport Orders.
For example, go to Sales Orders, click New and create a normal Sales Order.

Figure 3-1: Using ShipIT, Creating Sales Order

Please make sure to select the values that are ‘mapped’ to Transsmart values in the fields Shipment Method, Shipping Agent and Agent Service, otherwise a Transport Order will not be created based on this Sales Order.
After this, enter the Item lines on your Sales Order and click Create Transport Order on the Actions Tab in the ribbon.

If a Transport Order has been created, you will see this dialog that allows you to go to the Transport Order immediately.

Figure 3-2: Using ShipIT, Notification on Successfully Created Transport Order

Click Yes and see the resulting Transport Order:

Figure 3-3: Using ShipIT, Resulting Transport Order

The Factbox with Transsmart details indicates codes that refer to the selected Shipping Agent, Shipment Method and Shipment Service.
Please return to the posted Sales Order and note the Transport Order Details Factbox got populated with the available logistics information:

Figure 3-4: Using ShipIT, Transport Order Factbox on the Sales Order

The Transport Order is ready to be booked and printed!

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