From Departments > ShipIT > Setup choose ShipIT Setup and fill in all necessary fields.

The ShipIT Setup Fields Description table below lists all available fields, values options and description of use for the ShipIT Setup page.

Table 2-1: ShipIT Setup Fields Description
Field Description
General FastTab
Base Transport Orders on
  • Unposted documents
  • Posted documents
    When selecting the posted documents option, please note that the transport orders with unposted source documents may exist. Be careful not to create Transport Orders for the same lines once they are posted
After Posting Sales Orders,
After Posting Purch.Ret. Ord.,
After Posting Service Orders,
After Posting Transfer Orders
  • Do nothing (default)
    Auto-Create Transport Order(s)
Book Automatically
  • False (default)
  • True
    All bookings require packaging, therefore the default package type needs to be setup (please see below)
Read All Package Lines
  • False
  • True (default)
    When several package items are one package, the application will define every item as a separate package line. For example, if you specify 5 boxes as a package, the application will inject 5 times 1 box as a package line in your Transport Order, instead of just 1 line with the quantity of 5
Always New Trns. Order
  • False
  • True (default)
    All orders will be linked to a separate Transport Order if this field is enabled.
    If the field is disabled, the orders will be combined into one Transport Order, based on the fact that pick-up location/delivery location and date/time parameters are equal for all orders.
Background Booking
  • False (default)
  • True
    If enabled, transport orders will be booked by the task scheduler. This enabled limited license users to book transport orders. Make sure codeunit ‘SI – Scheduler’ (11147657) is running as a job queue entry.
Transsmart URLs
Dashboard URL,
Shipment URL
Transsmart Account Code
Specify URLs and Transsmart account code to connect to Transsmart webservices.
Even though Transsmart do not utilize Account Code any more, we’d want the account code to be unique across all Transsmart databases, therefore ShipIT setup continues using the code.
For setup, please login with Transsmart credentials (login and password) and add the Account Code.
Enable Debug Mode
  • False (default)
  • True
    Debug mode allows additional logging (Windows Event Log) of the activity of ShipIT application, it can be useful for advanced users when tuning the configuration or analysing processing of the orders
Defaults FastTab
Default Package Type ID of the default package type. Configure the default package type selecting one of the predefined package types (for example Box, EUROPallet and so on) or creating new.
Pick-up Time From,
Pick-up Time To,
Delivery Time From,
Delivery Time To
These defaults must be defined in order to pre-calculate possible shipment methods
Default E-Mail Type (TS)
Default Cost Center (TS)
Enter the code of the default email type and cost center, used by Transsmart
Numbering FastTab
Transport Order Nos. Define number series list code (for example TRNX)

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