First, make sure your ShipIT download is unblocked:

General files in your ShipIT download:

Contains all ShipIT objects in the ShipIT certified object range.

Contains the ShipIT menusuite.

Contains the ShipIT menusuite in text format. In case you need to alter the menusuite ID because of conflicting add-ons.

Contains the latest release notes.

Build-specific files in your ShipIT download:

Contains all ShipIT objects in the ShipIT certified object range and standard NAV/BC range.
These objects are pre-merged for you. If none of the standard NAV/BC objects modified by ShipIT are modified in your database, you can import this file to import ShipIT.
This will be the only file you will need to import of your NAV/BC does contain modified objects.

Contains pre-merged standard NAV/BC codeunits that are modified for ShipIT.

Contains pre-merged standard NAV/BC pages that are modified for ShipIT.

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