This topic describes the configuration and process for working with a single Cobase account,
which contains bank accounts that are used in multiple companies inside Business Central.

When the transactions are retrieved from Cobase, they are stored in a transaction staging table.
Before the reconciliation is initiated in one of the companies, every bank account retrieves
their transactions from the staging table.
For every company the used bank accounts must be mapped with a Bank Account in Business Central.
This can be done from the Direct-Banking Account Card, by populating the “Bank Account No.”.
Once the Bank Account is mapped, the Direct-Banking Account can be activated.
The Active flag can be used to activate the Direct-Banking Account.

A single bank account can only be active in one of the companies.

For each company that share the same Cobase account the flag “Single Cobase Entity” must be set.
Only one shared Cobase account can be used within the same environment.
Next to the shared accounts it is still possible to work with other individual Cobase accounts for different companies.

Since the balances of the Bank Accounts are updated during the transaction retrieval it is required
to have access to the data in the other financial company.
This implies that the user, that initiates the synchronization, needs to have access to the
Bank Accounts in the shared companies.
As a consequence this user needs to exist in all the companies that share the same account and
in these companies it needs read and write permissions on the Direct Banking Account.
For this purpose, a permission set named “BCB COBASE S. ENTITY” is created.

Implementation Considerations
To allow manual transaction retrieval, it’s possible to initiate the import of transactions from every company.
The only requirement for this to work is that the Cobase account has been configured in the company where the transaction import is executed.
Every import will always retrieve the transactions for all bank accounts (companies).
For scheduled transaction retrieval, it’s recommended to setup a job queue in only one of the companies.