Text-to-account mapping is used when you want to auto propose g/l accounts based on a text in the remittance info.
In the standard Business Central solution this feature exists to apply transactions against G/L Accounts.

Advanced text mapping
Specific texts can be setup and when these texts are found in the remittance information of the transaction then this account is applied.

For Direct Banking the text-to-account mappings have been extended with the capability to match generic texts not only to G/L Accounts, but also to a customer, a vendor or a employee.
Determining the account can be helpful for the quality of the matching.
In some scenarios it might be useful to continue with the matching process, so that next to the account in general also the specific outstanding invoices can be applied.
In other circumstances assigning the account is sufficient and further matching is not required. Therefore the Skip Metadata Matching checkmark exists.
This flag can be set to stop when a predefined text matches with the remittance information in the transaction.

This can be used if for instance you have unprocessed payments which are rejected by the bank with for instance reason codes. The matching process will be skipped and only the related account is proposed in the journal

The priority can be used to prioritize some texts over other texts.

The highest priority is the set of texts with the lowest number.
After a match further searching for text mappings is stopped.

there are 3 separate options:

Account Information:
Finding for instance the Customer account (bc customer no.) in the Remittance information based on the string of your customer nr.

Text-to-Account mapping
Somewhat simular usage in comparance with the standard Business Central text to g/l mapping

Invoice Matching
Finding the correct string of your posted invoices in the Remittance info by specifying the search more accurate with this setup.
In this example the searchengine will try to find the correct sales invoice by searching the entries on the G-VF00****

You can setup this advanced search on Different types.