Release Direct Banking xx.4.960.0 (September 2022)
- The Bulk Payments functionality has been improved in the Belgium version, the matching of payments has been improved.
- From BC17 and onward we have implemented a new app where Direct Banking is dependent on. This app contains base functionality for Idyn. This is also referred to as a library app. For On-Prem installations the new app must be added to the licenses. When upgrading to this new version, please ensure that you refresh your development – and customer licenses.

Release Direct Banking xx.3.100100.0 / Direct Banking NL xx.3.100100.0 (July 2021)
- Added Bulk Payment (Both W1 and NL)
- Added Regex patterns to clean up Remittance Information (Both W1 and NL)
- Use Execution Date in Reconciliation, instead of Value Date (Both W1 and NL)
- Improvements in general performance of import actions
- Added line comment options to CBG Statement Lines (Bank/Giro Journal – NL)
- Fixed Job Queue error on blocked customer (NL)
- Correct order of transactions, imported from Ponto

Release Direct Banking xx.3.100125.0 / Direct Banking NL xx.3.100120.0 (February 2022)
- Resolved an issue with clearing the preferred Bank Account Code or the G-Account Code.
- Improved Dutch translations.