Version Release Date
22.5.2429.0 02-12-2023
The following issues have been resolved:
During the reconciliation an error could occur when the IBAN number had more than 30 positions. This resulted in a CopyStr error.
Version Release Date
22.5.2387.0 16-11-2023
The following issues have been resolved:
Multi-line remittance info wasn’t imported in the communication with Cobase.
A CopyStr error could occur, when working with External Document No. in the Advanced Text Mappings
Version Release Date
22.5.2273.0 05-10-2023
The following issues have been resolved:
The Currency ISO code is now used instead of the Currency Code in the communication with Ponto or Cobase.
Version Release Date
22.5.2104.0 25-08-2023
The following improvements have been implemented:
Direct Banking is now also available in German.
The Advanced Text Mappings are now accessible directly from the Bank/Giro Journal in the Dutch localization.
In the standard BC Text Mappings the obsolete options for mapping customers, vendors and bank accounts are no longer visible.
These features have been moved to the Advanced Text Mappings.
The following issues have been resolved:
Some banks don’t populate the Authorization Expiration Date, this was not expected and caused an error during the import of accounts.
For bulk payments some banks provide remittance information, but they remove the part that we submitted when making payments.
As a result the the bulk payment was not recognized when importing the transactions for reconciliation.
Version Release Date
22.5.2025.0 07-07-2023
The following improvements have been implemented:
It is no longer required to create users of Direct Banking in all companies.
The standard Permission Sets in Business Central for posting sales – and purchase documents have been extended with the permissions for creating the Matching Entries.
Cobase is now ready to transfer money from and to non-IBAN accounts.
The following issues have been resolved:
The message that was given when trying to create a bank account from the Direct Banking Accounts is not accurate when working with Cobase as the payment provider.
Version Release Date
22.5.1988.0 14-06-2023
The following improvements have been implemented:
The Cobase app now supports payments to non-iban accounts.
As of June 15th it’s mandatory in the Ponto API to include the customer IP address when retrieving transactions manually.
A new setting “Split Bulk Payments” has been added to the Direct Banking Account Card.
With this setting enabled the transactions of a bulk payment will appear as individual transaction on the bank statement.
It is now possible to define the number series for customers, vendors and documents and use this to identify accounts or documents in transactions,
this functionality has been inherited from our gold partner SucceedIT. This new functionality is called Advanced Text Mappings.
The extended functionality in the Text-to-Account mappings have been moved to the Advanced Text Mappings as well.
For more details see the matching section in this manual.
The following issues have been resolved:
The new “Merge Vendor” and “Merge customer” functionality in standard Business Central didn’t find the Matching Entries.
The Identification that is set in the payment journal for invoice matching had a sorting issue. As a result, it was not possible to create more than 10 lines for a given document in the payment journal.
Version Release Date
22.4.1961.0 30-05-2023
The following issues have been resolved:
Not all banks provide remittance information for bulk payments, but it was required for invoice matching.
A temporary fix has been implemented to also match these transactions.
As soon as Ponto allows it, a more permanent fix will be implemented.
The performance of finding accounts using the transaction information has been improved.
For customers that have lots of accounts, it is possible to skip the time consuming parts of account information matching.
An error occurred when signing payments with Cobase.
When payments are exported using SEPA files in the Dutch localization, then it could happen that transactions for vendors and customer were mixed up.
Version Release Date
v. 22.4.1878.0 18-04-2023
The following issues have been resolved:
In the Dutch and Belgium localization there was an issue with applying documents via the Bank/Giro Journal (NL) and the Financial Journal (BE).
Version Release Date
v. 22.4.1831.0 11-04-2023
The following issues have been resolved:
For some banks the initiated bulk payments were not recognized during invoice matches in the Dutch localization.
The Identification that is set in the payment journal for invoice matching was not set correctly in all circumstances.
Translation improvements in the Dutch localization.
Version Release Date
v. 21.4.1666.0 06-03-2023
The following issues have been resolved:
inaccurate matching on accounts.
Version Release Date
v. 21.4.1641.0 01-03-2023
The following improvements have been implemented:
Direct banking integration with the W1 reconciliation and W1 payment journals is available
Improvement of the matching engine for enhanced reconciliation
Matching result and confidence better explained with extended logging
Priority setting on Text to g/l account mapping
Text to g/l account mapping option to stop remittance info matching if certain text is found, only suggest the customer/vendor account
Debugging is allowed from BC19 and higher versions
The following issues have been resolved:
Description in the bank/giro journal not updated when remittance matching on description field of the bank transaction instead of the remittance info (Mollie).
Isolated storage improvements
Skip VAT check BE Enterprise
Payment history card cancel improvements

Release Direct Banking xx.4.1083.0 (October 2022)
- Some banks seem to use the Duplicate End-to-End id in a improper manner. It is now possible to disable the checks on duplicate End-to-End id’s on the account card
- The setup wizard now keeps into account that users might not have the proper permissions to create job queue entries.

Release Direct Banking xx.4.960.0 (September 2022)
- The Bulk Payments functionality has been improved in the Belgium version, the matching of payments has been improved.
- From BC17 and onward we have implemented a new app where Direct Banking is dependent on. This app contains base functionality for Idyn. This is also referred to as a library app. For On-Prem installations the new app must be added to the licenses. When upgrading to this new version, please ensure that you refresh your development – and customer licenses.

Release Direct Banking xx.3.100100.0 / Direct Banking NL xx.3.100100.0 (July 2021)
- Added Bulk Payment (Both W1 and NL)
- Added Regex patterns to clean up Remittance Information (Both W1 and NL)
- Use Execution Date in Reconciliation, instead of Value Date (Both W1 and NL)
- Improvements in general performance of import actions
- Added line comment options to CBG Statement Lines (Bank/Giro Journal – NL)
- Fixed Job Queue error on blocked customer (NL)
- Correct order of transactions, imported from Ponto

Release Direct Banking xx.3.100125.0 / Direct Banking NL xx.3.100120.0 (February 2022)
- Resolved an issue with clearing the preferred Bank Account Code or the G-Account Code.
- Improved Dutch translations.