Opening balance scenario:

First step on defining the correct bank account balance the initial import transactions must be imported in business central. Depending on the selection in the prompt the transaction lines will be uploaded in the transactions Fasttab.

After the import is finished you can see the imported transactions in the “Transactions fasttab” at the bottom of the page. Only the Statement lines will be part of the import and reconciliation process. The Bank Balance must be defined manually after the first import.

Balancing the bank account with the Bank/Giro journal

The transaction lines are ready for processing. With the button Create Reconciliation Lines the creation of Bank/Giro journal is initiated.
When this action is finished you can open the Bank/Giro Journal.

After the initial check and determination of the overlap based on the opening and closing balance delete the Bank/Giro journal.

Archived Transactions

Go back to the Direct Banking account page and click Transaction Archive. Here you can find the processed transaction lines which are archived.
Only select the missing transaction lines which are needed for the balancing of the bank account and click set Unprocessed in the Ribbon. Close the transaction archive.

Again, create the Create Reconciliation Lines and open the Bank/Giro Journal to finalize the balance. Adjust the balance fields when applicable and post the Bank/Giro journal. Your account is balanced and ready for use. The last transaction id in the direct banking account page is also updated. This reference is linked to the last imported transaction in the transaction archive.

When the job queue is activated the new Bank/Giro journal will be available the next day with correct opening and new closing balance. In the role center the Direct Banking – CBG Statement overview the daily import will automatically be proposed and where possible applied.