In this topic the use of EB Payments is explained, you can export payments and collect data to forward to the bank. You can create payment proposals and reconcile bank accounts in the general journals.


In general, all financial interactions with vendors and customers are done through either purchase or sales invoices and credit memos. As soon as these transactions have been registered and posted, payments or collections can be carried out by your company.

Payment Files

You can make payment proposals for paying open invoices to vendors. Payment proposals can be edited manually prior to processing to add or remove payment invoices, or to change payment amounts. For this function you can open EB Payment journals.

Suggest vendor payments

Based on vendor ledger entries, the suggest payments enables you to generate payment proposals. This can be done for any bank that has been set up for your company. Both domestic and foreign payments are possible. It’s possible to create default batches per bank account. Business Central will combine payments to the same bank account automatically. If the export protocol is available in the vendor bank account the suggest payments will take this default into the proposal lines. When a proposal has been agreed upon, choose your export protocol in the header and export the paynents.

EB Payment Journal

Payment Export

in the local be EB you have 2 options when exporting the payment lines. Export and post the general journal or export and do not post the general journal. When process is ended in both cases the lines will in the EB Payment journal will be status ‘Posted’ .
Also the vendor ledger entries are applied.

If you wish to not post the general journal directly you need to go to the general journal for manual processing/booking of the payment journal.

Depending on you settings in the setup “ you can sign the payment lines in the ponto environment of from business central via the payments.