Before setting up the Direct Banking account first follow the steps on setting up your Business central bank account(s).

For every Direct Banking Account you want to synchronize automatically, you have to define the Bank Account, as mentioned in the bank account chapter. See Bank Account

On the Direct Banking – Account you have to make the necessary integrations, so that after the import the Bank/Giro journal will be automatically filled with the transactions. ( Link the correct Bank Account No. to the Direct Banking account and set a unique gen. jnl. Template for the creation of the Bank/Giro Journals.)

On the General tab, fill the following fields:

  • Bank Account No. all the Bank Accounts are listed
  • Gen. Jnl. Template all the general journal template are listed

After you selected the above fields you can set the field Active on YES.
All settings are finished, and the account is activated the line will change to bold.

In the General tab the last transaction id is when starting a new bank set to an empty guid.
When the first import is succeeded this field is updated with the last used guid.

On the Bank tab, you can see the Bank Name, BIC and Bank Country Code.

On the Balances tab the Current Balance is shown.

The Payment tab is showing the Ponto enabled functionality.
If the linked bank account (bank) is ready for the processing of bulk payments the field bulk payments enabled will automatically be enabled.
If you want to use bulk payments in your payment process enable the Boolean Use bulk payment.
The field transaction count can be used to set a minimum of transactions which will be processed through bulk payments.

Execution Dates
The field Future dated payments allowed will enable the ponto system to work with future dates on single payments.
Execution date payment line can be set to today, payment discount date or due date.

Split bulk payment option (Ponto)
Indicates if the bulk payment is specified as one line on the bank statement or that the individual transactions are shown.
The latter can result in more accurate matching, because several banks do not provide any remittance information on bulk transactions.
As a result, the bulk transaction can only be matched on the total amount.

Skip Duplicate End-to-End id check
in some scenarios you can import multiple transactions with the same end-to-end information.
Direct Banking will identify the transactions as a possible duplicate.and will not process the transaction lines. The lines will be available in the duplicate end to end id tab of the direct banking account..
You must manually check and process. the lines in that case. If your integration (integrated bank) is using the end to end information strongly this will occur frequently and you will end up manually processing the transactions lines.. When this boolean is enabled this check is skipped and your transactions lines will be reconciled.