A blocked-account that vendors, contractors can use to pay payroll taxes (with or without VAT) of personnel hired by them to the tax authorities or to subcontractors.
On the Vendor Card on the Payments tab you have to fill in the following fields Preferred Bank Account, this account gets (100% – % to G-account), G-Account code, the Blocked account and % to G-account, the percentage of the total amount including VAT that will be transferred to the G-Account code.

  • Preferred Bank Account Code: specifies the vendor bank account that will be used by default on payment journal lines for export to a payment bank file;
  • G-Account Code: specifies the G-account. If this field has a value, payments to this vendor will always be splitted to the preferred g-account code;
  • % to G-Account: specifies the default percentage that has to be paid to the G-account.
  • Amount to G-Account: specifies the default amount that has to be paid to the G-account.

Both percentage and amount can be changed later on in the process, on the payment tab of the purchase order/invoice.