The Bank/Giro journal is a Dutch localization and is not part of the Direct Banking extension.

The NL works with the Dutch Localization. This Localization has provided this separate bank/giro journal.
This is needed to make the reconciliation and posting of the bank account related transactions.

Nowadays it’s less important to match the bank account balance exactly with the daily statement. With real-time processing of transactions and enhanced filtering on the online bank and in Business Central the dependency on this local feature has become less important.

When the Dutch functionality is used, the Direct Banking advanced reconciliation is used when creating the Bank/Giro journal.

Direct Banking will comply with the Business Central reconciliation process. This means Business Central will try to apply payments with outstanding ledger entries.

4 additional features are enabled with .

1. it’s possible to make a mapping of a transaction with recurring description with text to Account. This text can be associated with a or a debit/credit g/l account depending on the transaction amount debet/credit.

2. When a customer payment is registered in the bank/giro with a new bank account it’s possible to save and link this “unknown” bank account from the bank/giro line directly to the Customer bank account

3. If you wan to make additional comments you can add additional remarks line level. This comment will be available in the factbox.

4. (Dutch Only) When you are working with G-Accounts the reconciliation is only compliant with the Bank/Giro NL version.