Integrating Bank accounts in the Ponto Portal.

The first step is to create the integration. You can choose to only work with Account Information services (direct available) or Account Information and Payment Initiation. When also choosing the Payment Initiation your request is validated and approved by the bank because of the legal requirements. If this takes very long just chat with the Ponto support in the chatbox of your ponto account.

In Ponto you have to add you Bank Account, depending on your environment LIVE or SANDBOX, by clicking ADD ACCOUNT, in the main screen.
This example is based on the sandbox. Linking the bank account in a LIVE environment will require authentication processes.

Add your account (step 1 of 2), please select your financial institution. In our example this is a SANDBOX environment (Your organization’s sandbox account credentials will be pre-filled in the authorization portal. The digipass response is always: 123456) and click NEXT

Connect to your own Financial Institution, and fill in the necessary credentials and click CONNECT and it will show the related accounts.

Please connect with your credentials, the screen is only a sample of this preview Meta Bank. And Enter the e-signature below. (Keep in mind that the e-signature is valid for a period normally of 90-days) and click CONNECT.

By selecting one or more of the accounts above you authorize Ponto to access the account balances and transactions. Click SELECT.

You are about to authorize Ponto to access the balances and transactions of the following accounts. Click ACCEPT.

The account is added successfully! Please click CONTINUE.

Link account, are you sure you want to link this account to your environment and select CONFIRM.

If you do not yet created an integration then start with the making a new integration. Make1 integration per Business Central company

The account is now shown in the complete Accounts screen.

Click the relevant account and open to see the transaction synchronized from the bank

Your Ponto steps are completed.

In Business Central you have to synchronize as mentioned in Direct Banking Account or in Initial import balancing the bankaccount.