Step 1: Dino setup defaults

Extension name and publisher,
The extension name is the name used for your extension. this name will be available in the extension management.
Also the publisher and version will be registered and is available in the extension management.

The Prefix: The prefix is a short acronym or abbreviation that ensures that all names within the extension are unique. Always check the prefix and the extension name are unique before creating your extension. otherwise your new published extension will fail to install.

This field will specify the version of your app. If you want to update the existing app you must update your version no.
After installation the app will fail to install if the old existing extension has not been uninstalled first.

Object range to be used. (from and to)
Specifies the numbers to be used within the object range. The objects that are added to the custom app get object numbers assigned from this object range.
The object numbers must be available within the customer license. This is typically the custom object range that start at 50000.

Run Mode:
With the default mode you can create additional fields for 1 table. The wizard will guide you to this process.

When selecting the advanced mode you have the possibility to create an extension for multiple tables.
This mode will not guide you to the wizard. This is a manual process for the configuration per table.

Default Mode:

Advanced Mode: