Key features and benefits

Adding Fields

This is the idyn’s first introduction of a extension creation wizard that allows the user to create a table extension.
With other words:
You will be able to Create additional fields to the tables and designing the related pages with a fewe steps and within the business central application.

The wizard has 6 steps:
  • Define the table extension object no. and field nos..
  • Select the table that will be used for the extension with select table.
  • Define the field (name, application area, caption, tooltip, field type, extended datatype -> e.g., for masked passwords, etc…)
  • Define the new fields on the page (When a code field has been added the new table, page and their field nos. must be defined as well) Define a code field with a table relation to a new table. This new table will then be created with the same code, a description (text [100]), and a list page. (The tooltips, application areas and captions will be automatically created for this table)
  • Finish the extension with the PayPal payment extension. After payment your extension will be published and available.

The Benefits.
You do not need additional software to build your extensions
Easy access for a small fee instead of a consultant and developer working on your requirements
Instant creation if needed, So no longer discussion about lead-time issues for adding simple features

Edit Table data

Next to the Add fields we also introduce a simple way to directly assist you with opening tables and modify, delete or add records directly in a table.


  • No need to make config packages to modify a record
  • Replacement of the old “Dino” Object Designer Tables