There are a number of values available to use in filenames or REST URLs without needed to write extra code in event subscribers.
Below all available values are listed.

Filename Only
[EntryNo.] – The number of the exported export entry.
[DefintionNo.] – The number of the definition the export was created by.
[RootDataItem] – The external property name of the root dataitem in the definition lines.
[Extension] – The datatype of the exported data.

[ISODate] – Date in format yyyy-MM-dd
[ISODateTime1] – Datetime in format yyyy-MM-ddTHH:mm:ssK
[ISODateTime2] – Datetime in format yyyy-MM-ddTHH:mm:ssZ
[ISODateTime3] – Datetime in format yyyyMMddTHHmmssZ

[ISODate] / [ISODateTime1] / [ISODateTime2] / [ISODateTime3]
with a CalcDate formula behind the name, for example [ISODate+1D].

Temporary Values
It is also possible to use temporary values that where stored during the processing of the definition lines with function SETTEMPVAL.
The usage of these temporary values is the same as with the other variable values, where the temporary value code is expected between [ and ].
For example, if temporary value with code ORDER_ID was set, the value can be used in the filename or REST URL by using [ORDER_ID].

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