To automatically export or import, a Job Queue Entry has to be setup.
This can be configured with the help of the Setup Wizard, where you can select the job queue entries that should be created.

If the job queue entries were not created during setup, these entries can still be created with the following configuration:

On the General tab, for:
Object Type to Run, select Codeunit.
Object ID to Run, select Codeunit “IDYC Task Scheduler”.
For import, in the Parameter String field type ‘import’.
For export, in the Parameter String field type ‘export’.
Finish the additional setup to your own preferences.

On the Recurrence tab setup on which days and with what interval the job queue should run.

A secondary recurrence has to be setup on each import and export definition card. Basically, there are two levels of recurrence here.
The first level is the recurrence setup on the Job Queue Entry itself, the second level is the recurrence setup on each individual import/export definition.

On the import/export definition card page there is a tab for recurrence. Here you can setup how often and when imports or exports should be executed.
If no recurrence is setup for a definition, the job queue will ignore that import or export.

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