The ConnectIT 365 extension includes to permission sets that are created during installation:

  • IDYC CONNECTIT 365: Contains full permissions for all ConnectIT 365 extension objects.
  • IDYC CONNECTIT USAGE: Contains a very limited set of permissions that can be used for the license check (when using multiple companies).

License check permissions
When using ConnectIT 365 in an environment with a single company, no additional permissions are required besides the regular ConnectIT 365 permissions included in the IDYC CONNECTIT 365 set.
However, when using multiple companies, Business Central users need access to other companies as well when using ConnectIT 365 functionality due to the license check in the extension.

With ConnectIT 365 the license allows for definitions distributed over mutliple companies.
To check this, during the license check ConnectIT 365 will try to access all companies to check if the license key is also used in the setup, and if this is the case, will count the definitions in that company against the license as well.
To limit the access to other companies the IDYC CONNECTIT USAGE is included that only contain read permissions on a limit number of ConnectIT 365 objects:

This permission set can be included in the user permission sets or user groups without a filter on Company, allowing these permissions to be used in all companies.

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