With ConnectIT 365 major release 6 (version XX.6.0.0) beta features are introduced.

These contain new features that enable new functionality, but could change existing behaviour.
Because of this, these features will be disabled by default.
This makes it possible for the users to decide whether or not to enable the feature.
Please note that if the beta feature is enabled, it will be enabled for all companies in the current environment.

If the feature proves to be successful, then it will be included as standard functionality in a future release.
Once the feature becomes part of the standard solution, it will be removed from this list and it is no longer possible to opt in or opt out of this feature.

The beta features can be opened from the ConnectIT Setup Card with page action Enable Beta Features

This opens the Beta Features list page containing all beta features for the installed version of ConnectIT 365.

The following fields are available:

Field Description
Description Short explanation for beta feature.
Learn more Documention Link with full beta feature explanation.
Enabled Displays if the feature is currently enabled. If this shows enabled, the feature is enabled for all companies in the current environment.
Enabled At Displays date/time when the feature was last enabled. This is empty if the feature is not enabled.
Modified By Displays the username for the user that modified the beta feature record last. This will show the User Security Id if the user doesn’t exist anymore.

By checking the Enabled field, the following confirmation dialog is displayed:

After enabling the feature, the date/time and user will be updated as well.
With this we can check when and by who the feature was enabled.

To disable the feature, uncheck the Enabled field.
A similar dialog will be displayed asking for confirmation to disable the feature.

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