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Self-hosted API

Installation » Self-hosted API

In an on-premises environment you have the ability to self-host the ConnectIT API. To do this you have to download the set of application files which corresponds with your ConnectIT version. This is a zip-file with a name like: ConnectIT365.SelfHostedAPI.v1.2.3.4.…



This section describes the different versions of ConnectIT 365 and how to install them. While versions for SaaS and On-Premises are functionally the same, the installation procedure is different. In this section the installation for a self-hosted version of the…


Processing » Export » Configuration » Methods » FTP

The following fields are available on the FTP tab: Field Description Host Name Hostname or IP address for the FTP server. Port Port that is used for the connection to the server. Default for FTP and FTPS is 21, and for SFTP…


Configuration » Setup

To start using ConnectIT, you will first have to provide some information and preferences on the setup card. The easiest way to do this is to start the Setup Wizard. This wizard will configure the general setup, however it is also possible to manually configure the…


Processing » Import » Configuration » Methods » FTP

On the FTP tab, set up your FTP connection. Keep in mind that if the FTP is local, you will need to self-host the ConnectIT API.

Logging: Enable internal logger

Configuration » Beta features » Logging: Enable internal logger

*Beta feature available with major release 6 (XX.6.0.0) Before this release, all logging was done through the ConnectIT API. This was done to prevent locking on logging transactions. However, this solution came with a cost for the more verbose logging levels (e.g.…

Setup wizard

Configuration » Setup wizard

After a new ConnectIT installation the quickest way to get started is by running the Setup Wizard. On the ConnectIT Manager role center under the ‘Setup & Help’ section, click ‘Wizard’. Step 1: License key Enter your license key in the License…

Initial Setup

Key Usage Scenario » Initial Setup

After installing the ConnectIT App, select the ConnectIT Manager role for your current user. Open the Wizard action on your role center under Setup & Help. Step 1: License key Enter the value ‘CONNECTITTESTKEY’ in the License Key field. Click…

IP whitelisting

Processing » General » IP whitelisting

Our outbound IP addresses for the ConnectIT API are as listed below. Please keep in mind we do not have full control on these addresses, they might change in the future. We will try to update this list timely in case changes…


Processing » Import » Configuration » Methods » Dropbox

To set up a Dropbox connection go to the Dropbox Dev page. Select Dropbox API and choose if you want to give the app acces to a specific folder or full Dropbox. Also provide a name for the app. On the page that opens, check the settings and then generate an acces…

REST Endpoint

Processing » Import » Configuration » Methods » REST Endpoint

It is possible to set up and import definition that will serve as a POST, PUT and DELETE endpoint, to be used by external systems. The external party will have to do a POST, PUT or DELETE call to[methodhere], using the…

REST Endpoint

Processing » Export » Configuration » Methods » REST Endpoint

It is possible to set up and export definition that will serve as a GET endpoint, to be used by external systems. The external party will have to do a GET call to, using the following headers: Tenant (4) …


Processing » Import » Configuration » Methods » REST

The following REST fields are available on the import definition card: General Field Description URL Specifies the URL for the REST request. Can be used in combination with temporary values to create a dynamic request URL. …

OAuth2 authorizations

Configuration » Administration » OAuth2 authorizations

This section explains how to setup and use OAuth2. ConnectIT 365 supports 2 standard grant types: Client Credentials, Authorization Code. When using authorization code, refresh token grant will be automatically used when possible. A 3rd option Custom is also available…

Release notes

Introduction » Release notes

Version Release date Available for 12-02-2024 BC15 and up The following improvements have been implemented: Export: Add Fields action also automatically cleans lines (with line renumbering) to make…