Version Release date Available for 12-02-2024 BC15 and up
The following improvements have been implemented:
Export: Add Fields action also automatically cleans lines (with line renumbering) to make it easier to continue editing Definition Lines and still automatically determine parent line and indentation.
Export/Import: Added automatic page refresh after Functions, Filters and Output Conditions pages are closed and focus is returned to the Definition Lines to display the correct count.
OAuth2: Added scope and resource URL fields for client credentials and custom grant flows.
Logging: The IDYC Logging Helper codeunit now contains an additional parameter (clearlogentries_days=x) that can be used in the Job Queue Entries to clear logging older then a custom (defined with x) amount of days.
License and usage request moved/removed to decrease the amount of requests to the license server during the export/import process.
The following issues have been resolved:
Export: Fixed an issue where Output Conditions were not deleted when a Export Definition was deleted.
Export: Query Parameters (used for method REST Endpoint) are now included in the definition configuration export.
Import: Fixed an issue where filters on JSON arrays were linked to the incorrect Definition Line, causing the filters not to be checked.
Import: Fixed an issue with indenting when importing/copying a definition from a configuration file.
Functions: Fixed return value for CONTAINS function to properly return Yes/No as output.
OAuth2: Fixed an issue with request with formdata contact, added an additional empty line, causing some credentials not to be recognised. 29-11-2023 BC15 and up
The following improvements have been implemented:
Idyn App Management has been integrated into ConnectIT 365 to move shared functionality between idyn apps. For SaaS installations this app will be automatically added during install or update, for on premises installations this app should be installed first before installing the new ConnectIT 365 version.
Import: Easier configuration of definition lines by allowing insert of new lines on the page instead of using a dedicated page action with restrictions.
Import: Key Links have been added for unstructured data formats (Excel/CSV) for easier configuration of table/record relationships.
Import: Added a mandatory element configuration option in definition lines to check if an element should always be present in the incoming message for structured data formats (JSON/XML).
Backup: Added a page action to update/overwrite the current export/import definition instead of always creating a new definition on import.
Scheduler: Improved error handling for Job Queue Entry errors with logging and notification options.
Version Release date Available for 10-11-2023 BC15 and up
The following improvements have been implemented:
Export/Import Definition Lines style changed for structured data formats (JSON/XML) to get a better overview of the different line types. Helper lines are now displayed with bold text and table/field numbers are only displayed when not set to 0.
Export: Improvements JSON data format for child lines within Helper arrays, which now supports all configurations with child data items and child helpers.
Table Monitors: Table Monitor list expanded to include more information regarding the linked definition and status.
The following issues have been resolved:
Definition configuration option for maximum number of retries was not always calculated properly, resulting in the entries not automatically being reprocessed.
Import: Fixed issue where attributes linked to elements (definition lines with type field) would result in an error on the absolute xPath.
Backup: Definition copy to target company did not contain a logging level setup record after creation.
OAuth2: Client credential options were not visible when custom grant was selected, even when no custom request/response definition was used.
Version Release date Available for 30-09-2023 BC15 and up
The following improvements have been implemented:
BC23 Ready.
Export: Added support for Media fields as Base64 or DataUri string.
Export: Added SETTASKVALUE to support using temporary values in E-Mail tasks for subject and body.
Export: Added action to add all root data item fields from the definition lines to the table monitor fields.
Import: Improved notifications for (failed) manual import actions.
The following issues have been resolved:
Export: Fixed the output and output conditions check for XML root helper lines.
Import: Fixed issue where attributes linked to elements (definition lines with type field) could not be found in XML structure.
Version Release date Available for 30-08-2023 BC15 and up
The following improvements have been implemented:
Configuration option for maximum retry attempts is now configurable on each definition, instead of only in the ConnectIT Setup.
Export: A rule has been added to configure the processing delay that will check when a record was added to the Export Queue before processing the queue record.
Export: Data Item filters now allow for handling of flowfilter fields to calculate flowfields.
Export: Manual record queueing is modified to also handle realtime exports, allowing for direct exports from page actions.
OAuth2: OAuth2 Authorization now allows for using custom export/import definitions for the request and response handling to retrieve/refresh a token.
OAuth2: Function GETAUTHTOKEN is added to retrieve a token value in the definition body. This will be only allowed for custom grant type.
Scheduling: Advanced Scheduling is leaving the beta features and is included in the standard solution without enabling the feature.
The following issues have been resolved:
Export: Manual queue processing skips the check for scheduling. With the introduction of the advanced scheduling, this check was introduced in the manual process.
Version Release date Available for 10-07-2023 BC15 and up
The following improvements have been implemented:
Filter: Improved temporary value/variable handling in filter, allowing complete filter strings in a single variable.
Import: Filter field/line lookup page added with OnLookup trigger to select all elements including subnodes.
Import: Store REST/SOAP request URI in Import Entry record after variable substitution.
Import: Add Import Data Log Entries to cleanup of Log Helper codeunit.
Functions: New functions ERRORIF, ERRORIFNOT to set custom error code and message based on is (not) equal condition.
Functions: New functions GETURLVALUE, GETURLPARAMETER to retrieve request URI or parameter from Import Entry.
Functions: New function GETIMPORTENTRYBODY to retrieve Import Entry body as Base64 string.
Functions: New function NEWLINE to get new line characters (Carriage Return + Line Feed).
Functions: Changed functions ADDLINK, ADDNOTE to include optional parameter to skip if input text is empty.
The following issues have been resolved:
OAuth2 Authorization Code grant flow: x-www-form-urlencoded request body correctly generated.
Import: Apply Configuration Template only on new records.
Import: New Import Data Log Entries are created with line no. increment 1 instead of 10000 to prevent integer overflow.
Export: Changed XML attribute handling to allow attributes with namespace prefixes on root data item/helper line.
Export: Output Conditions fix to compare against empty temporary value.
Version Release date Available for 31-05-2023 BC15 and up
The following improvements have been implemented:
Configuration option added in setup for maximum retry attempts for failed export and import entries.
Processing rule added for export definition to define maximum number of records in an export entry when using an array on the root data item.
Performance improvements in the process filling the export queue entries with records to export (periodical export without table monitor).
Export table monitor support for rename database trigger.
Import filter selection improved to allow filtering on subnodes.
Endpoint support for Intercompany method.
Function GETCURRENTVALUE added to get a table field value before importing a record.
Functions FROMBASE64 and TOBASE64 added to allow conversions from and to Base64 strings.
The following issues have been resolved:
Improved checks on conversions and temporary value codes to prevent accidental usage of the same code.
Fixed an issue with function GETNEXTLINENO for unstructured (CSV, Excel) imports that skipped checking constant lines for other primary key fields.
Fixed an issue with function CONCAT that limited before and after parameters to 50 characters.
Fixed an issue with DateFormula calculation for advanced schedules to calculate the earliest next execution.
Version Release date Available for 01-05-2023 BC15 and up
The following improvements have been implemented:
Import of BLOB fields now allows for plain text if no Base64 or URL is detected.
Import REST using Link paging method improved performance, minimizing recursive functions.
Mapping Helper matching improved to compare fieldnames/captions against elements using filtering out a character set containing spaces, underscore and minus signs.
Advanced recurrence allows ending time 0T when starting time is defined.
The following issues have been resolved:
Definition exports now contain definition recurrence lines when using beta feature advanced recurrence.
Project export contained no data. Fixed to include project and definition content.
Output Condition table relation changed to include relation on Definition Line line number.
Version Release date Available for 31-03-2023 BC15 and up
The following improvements have been implemented:
BC22 ready.
Line identifier for not flattened unstructured import check against import file is not case sensitive anymore.
Import unstructured constant values allows to select unmapped definition lines when using processing policy before/after field.
The following issues have been resolved:
Beta feature Advanced Recurrence was not activated for import definitions.
Import unstructured filter checked against specific definition line instead of table number.
Import constant values processing policy last was not always executed for unstructured imports.
Version Release date Available for 01-03-2023 BC15 and up
The following improvements have been implemented:
An app version check is now included in ConnectIT 365, which will display notifications if a newer version is available.
Beta feature management has been included, which can be accessed from the ConnectIT Setup card page.
Added beta feature: Configure export definitions with data format Excel/CSV with multiple table relations. See this topic for more information.
Added beta feature: Configure export/import definitions with advanced recurrence options, allowing multiple schedules. See this topic for more information.
Added beta feature: Configure local logging instead of logging to the ConnectIT API for performance improvements when using logging level Debug or Detailed Information. See this topic for more information.
Added functionality to determine action on import of new records, allowing to stop processing on new records and only update existing records.
Export JSON helper/value arrays allow more data types. Previously only implemented for Text fields.
Store REST/SOAP response content in separate BLOB field (visible in export log entry).
Changed SETTEMPVAL/GETTEMPVAL errors to confirmation dialogs to allow multiple usages of temporary value code in the same definition.
Standard No. Series handling on IDYC entities, which allows usage of alternative no. series with drilldown page.
The following issues have been resolved:
Fix to stop processing definition line for import where corresponding element is missing in incoming JSON or XML message.
Fix for Excel/CSV column order in export, which will respect the order as configured in the definition lines (beta feature needs to be enabled).
Fix for max string length on external identifier in CSV/Excel import when using Text field from target table with max length smaller than 100 characters.
Proper error handling for FTP http 413 (max request length exceeded).
Output condition improvements for (root) nodes, checking on empty values.
Version Release date Available for 20-01-2023 BC15 and up
The following improvements have been implemented:
Added new feature Projects to group import/export definitions.
Added new method Intercompany to synchronize between companies.
Improved JSON export processing, allowing arrays on helpers and fields/constants to create arrays for a single record.
Improved JSON import processing, allowing processing of JsonValues in arrays and improving processing of array in array.
Improved JSON/XML filter check on arrays during import.
Improved handling of import definition constant values, allowing empty constant values for primary key checks.
Changed processing order for checking existing records during import, reducing duration and possible record locks.
Changed handling of temporary values used as function parameters, allowing distinction between empty temporary values and not found values.
Changed JSON/XML export output conditions, improving checks for nodes (data items and helpers) to check on values within child nodes.
Version Release date Available for
21.4.100364.0 11-01-2023 BC14 and up
The following improvements have been implemented:
Feature: OAuth2 Process cookie + REST request cookie
Improved Primary Key Processing
Improved REST Endpoint import key link buffer usage
Version Release date Available for
21.4.100361.0 30-12-2022 BC15 and up
The following improvements have been implemented:
New event OnAfterProcessImportEntry
Improved Key Link Value handling with dictionary
Improved Export Json array helper/field/constant (Text only)
Version Release date Available for
21.4.100351.0 16-11-2022 BC15 and up
The following improvements have been implemented:
Feature: OAuth2 Custom flow and custom body
New functions ADDLINK and ADDNOTE
Improved REST Endpoint Export Query Parameters
Improved REST Endpoint import logic record exists
The following issues have been resolved:
Fix for import primary key text field
Fix to restore repeater actions on definition lines
Fix for Azure Service Hub import: get modified linked data record
Version Release date Available for
21.4.100334.0 27-10-2022 BC15 and up
The following improvements have been implemented:
BC21 Ready
Improved OAuth2 client credential flow with form data
Improved Import Json/XML skip processing for empty/missing nodes
The following issues have been resolved:
Fix for import runtrigger also check constant line
Fix for Direct (single execution) export – dont remove child record filters
Fix for Filter on temporary value: always check lowercase value
Fix for Export: Set temporary values after setting record filter
Fix for Definition Line caption: limit caption text to max string length
Version Release date Available for
20.4.100329.0 12-10-2022 BC15 and up
Version Release date Available for
20.4.100321.0 03-08-2022 BC15 and up

Release xx.4.100318.0 July 2022 (BC15 and up)

  • Added new feature to manually initiate an export with temporary filters.
  • Added new feature to copy export and import definitions to other companies.
  • Added support for Dropbox method to allow OAuth2 authorization code grant flow.
  • Added support to initialize OAuth2 authorization for Dropbox.
  • Added support to execute REST Endpoint definition with asynchronous processing.
  • Improved check on existing records for unstructured imports (CSV and Excel).
  • Improved newline recognition for CSV import to support Unix and Non-Unix files.
  • Improved handling of enclosure character for CSV import.
  • Added support for usage of variables/temporary values in request URI’s for REST export definitions.
  • Exclude definitions with table monitor on delete triggers from exports initiated from page actions (manual export).

Release xx.4.100309.0 May 2022 (BC15 and up)

  • Added support for SFTP connections using username/password authentication.
  • Added support for multiple destinations/endpoints using a single export definition. See Endpoints for more information.
  • New method Mixed to use with multiple endpoints for different methods.
  • Added support for field types BigInteger, DateFormula and Duration
  • Added support for using wildcards on filenames in import definitions for file based methods (FTP, Azure Storage, Dropbox).
  • Allow additional query parameters in authentication code URL for OAuth2 authorization code grant flow.
  • Added field scope for OAuth2 authorization code grant flow to allow variable scope parameter.
  • Allow field variables in body text for E-Mail method and tasks.
  • Additional check on existing fields during definition import.
  • Improved error handling for unknown field variables in E-Mail method and tasks.
  • Improved handling and performance for realtime exports using table and field monitor.
  • Allow extensions with ConnectIT 365 as dependency to use logging helper procedures.
  • New option to allow field monitor exclusions instead of included fields to monitor.
  • Minor improvements on Import and Export entry list pages.
  • Fix for email method when using utf-16 encoding resulting in trailing NUL character.
  • Fix for email method when exporting Excel files.
  • Fix for writing passwords and tokens to isolated storage using tryfunction (on premise issue).
  • Fix XML attribute issue in export definition when attribute is used before opening root data item.
  • Fix Role Center cue drilldown for export per method tiles opening import definition list.

Release xx.4.100205.0 April 2022 (BC15 and up)

  • Compatibility with BC20. Removed SMTP Setup in alert notifications and set Email Accounts as standard instead of optional feature.
  • Allow manual change for definition no. if manual numbering is allowed in No. Series.
  • Restore backup from archive improved to allow restore to existing definition.
  • Performance on export definition card (read and write) improved.
  • Logging level per definition visible on import and export definitions.
  • Filtering on element in import definition line not capitalized.
  • Bugfix in CSV Import with multiple tables which could fail on cleared key.
  • Azure Storage container names extended to 63 characters.
  • Recurrence start/end time correctly cleared after import of definition when left empty.
  • Conversion calcformula changed to correctly display count usage in export definitions.
  • REST authentication method API key set as obsolete. Existing definitions modified in upgrade to authentication method Custom.
  • Minor language and spelling improvements.

Release xx.4.100100.0 November 2021 (BC15 and up)

  • Separate logging levels per definition.
  • Definition import improvement to also process XML namespaces.
  • Allow monitor of deletions with table monitor.
  • Allow realtime processing on export defintions.
  • SOAP improvements to processing WSDL import with headers.
  • SOAP allow usage of custom authorization headers from WSDL.
  • SOAP processing minOccurs and maxOccurs correctly in WSDL import.
  • Modified checks on editability of fields on import and export definition cards.
  • Additional check on error message max length when processing errors on import and export entries.
  • FTP and Azure Storage upload max file size extended in ConnectIT API.

Release xx.4.0.0 May 2021 (BC15 and up)

  • REST Endpoints: Create export and import definitions that serve as GET/POST/PUT and DELETE endpoints for external parties.
  • OAuth2, Client Credentials flow and Authorization Code (+ Refresh Token) flow are now both supported.
    - OAuth2 client Credentials is no longer available from the definition card directly. Related definitions now use the same
    - OAuth2 setup to prevent the process from requesting new tokens while the former token is still valid.
  • REST Export Definitions: PUT method added.
  • Task functionality extended with e-mail and run object functionalities.
  • In encrypted databases, tokens will be stored in the isolated storage without encryption in case the token is too long to store encrypted.
  • Export of JSON ignored the order of the definition lines. This is improved so order will be taken into account.
  • Several small fixes and enhancements in exporting CSV and Excel.
  • Manually processing of the export queue allowed for failed entries in case a job queue is active.
  • Import/Export entries from the list page.
  • Functions now move correctly with its parent when moving definition lines up or down.

Release xx.3.0.1 Januari 27th 2021

  • Show one notification instead of one for each queued record when adding records to the export queue from the list page action.
  • Fixed encoding bugs for export files.
  • Fixed wrong file format for creating definition lines from a xml file.
  • Improved code so new child lines below an existing parent line can be imported as well.
  • Fixed license check bug.
  • Fixed field exists fielderror bug.

Release xx.3.0.0 Januari 15th 2021

  • SOAP import and export based on WSDL documents
  • Export and Import of BLOBs and Media Sets
    - For import the data can be either a Base64 string, a DataURI or an URL.
    - For Media Set fields (i.e. the picture field in item records), when data is delivered as Base64 string, in most cases the below mime types are recognized:
    - When exporting data from BLOB fields this will be done as Base64 string. When exporting Media from Media Set fields, a choice can be made between Base64 string and DataURI.
  • Lay-out of import and export definition card page improved as well as user friendliness of definition lines.
  • Moving lines up and down is added, while indenting and outdenting is improved.
  • Open the definition from the export queue entry
  • Automatically add key fields when adding a data item line to the export definition lines
  • Factboxes added on import and export entry card page for more information on the definition and last error
  • Default encoding added for cases where BC does not recognize or accept the selected encoding
  • Added functions for conditional use of a value, for more info on these functions check Functions use of fieldvalue section).
  • Fixed CSV Import line break not recognized
  • Fixed orphaned definition lines when indenting or outdenting
  • Fixed incorrect parent after indenting or outdenting definition lines
  • Fixed CSV and Excel column numbers change after exporting and importing the definition
  • Fixed number of minutes in recurrency settings on definition is ignored

Release xx.2.4.0 November 10th 2020

  • Import of import and export defintions: obsolete fields will be skipped so they won’t cause an error anymore.
  • Added action to create export definition lines from a file (XML and JSON only).
  • Improved in/outdentation functionality for export definition lines.
  • Added default value for processing policy of new constant value lines in import definition lines.
  • Fixed bug in < and > filtering.
  • Fixed bug in import / export functions.

Release xx.2.3.0 October 30th 2020 (OnPrem Only)

  • Added new functions
    - URLVALUE: stores a value for later use in a REST URL.
    - TRIGGERIMP: Triggers another import.
    - GETNEXTLINENO: Gets the next line no. or next entry no.
  • Added option to add a field value from an exported record to the filename.
  • Added option to add date(time) (+ formula), timestamp, etc. to REST URL or filename.
  • Added export definition lines overview page for all data formats (was XML only).
  • Altered code so key fields can also be filled from code on the on insert trigger.
    - Note: In case of CSV and Excel currently only when the import has no parent/child structure.
  • Added missing tiles for open import/export entries to role center.
  • Improved export/import of export and import definitions.
  • Improved PARSEDATE function so it won’t cause an error when input is empty or NULL.
  • Temporary Value functionality is moved to single instance codeunit.
    Note: If you are using the temporary value table in your own code, please chnage your code accordingly as the values won’t be stored in this table anymore.
  • Added action to notification on Import definition card page, to open created entry directly.
  • Made key fields recognizable in dropdown field list (only BC16 and up).
  • Improvements on encoding to make it possible to create lines from UTF-x-BOM encoded XML files.
  • Added code so empty date(time) fieldvalues will be ignored.
  • Fixed invisible subpart on export definition when changing data format to CSV or Excel.
  • Fixed CSV/Exel import not throwing error in case of missing key.

Release xx.2.2.1 October 20th 2020

  • Fixed missing permissions in permission set.

Release xx.2.2.0 October 16th 2020’

  • Added confirm for deleting export definition lines that are part of the link between child and parent.
  • Added import filtering for Excel and CSV.
  • Import filters are no longer a separate tab on the import definition card page, but are moved to the definition lines.
  • Restructured monitoring and filtering for export > Filters are moved from the export field monitor to the definition lines and can now be set on all dataitems in the definition.
  • Applied filtering to example export records. Now no longer the first record found in the root table will be used for the example export, but the first record withing the filters as set in the export definition will be used for the example export.
  • Added custom authorization for REST POST (export).
  • Fixed validation of record driven boolean on import definitions.
  • Fixed incorrect style of newly added definition lines.
  • Fixed incorrect indentation for newly added export definition lines.
  • Fixed Record not closed issue for XML export.
  • Fixed missing attributes on root element for XML export.
  • Fixed default namespace handling for XML export.
  • Fixed “Helper” child handling for XML export, now the already opened parent record will be used in the helper.

Release xx.2.1.0 September 14th 2020

  • Added seperate functions for formatting dates and datetimes.
  • Improved error message handling for uploads via REST API.
  • Added custom authorization for REST GET (import).
  • Added import error log factbox on import definition card (for pre-import entry logging).
  • Added function (FORMATDTZ) to export the current datetime in any preferred format (base desired format on c# datetime formatting)
  • Improvements in user friendliness of export definiton lines (indentation, parent-child relations).
  • Added import filters for XML and JSON data.
  • Added error handling for empty XML tags.
  • Added a third parameter for CONCAT function, making it possible to add a separator between the two values.
  • Added a default value option for conversions. When a value is not present in the conversion table the default value will be used.
  • Added flattened and identifier based import and export for CSV, making it possible to work with a parent and child.
  • Improved (key) link lines for XML and JSON import definitions.
  • Added “Nothing Created” notification for manual import data from Import Definition Card.
  • Fixed import monitoring, now records can be added to queue or ignored for queuing.

Release xx.2.0.0 August 18th 2020

  • Added an overview page to check the stucture of an XML export definition more easily.
  • Added check on invalid characters in XML tag names.
  • Added “Time” as a possible field type.
  • Moved the OnAfterExecuteFunction event in order to make it reachable in all cases.
  • Fix in import encoding.
  • Fix in handling of “Helpers” in XML export.
  • Fix in updating export definition subform for Excel data.
  • Fix in example export result, result differed from the actual export result.

Release xx.1.0.0 June 2020

  • Added “Helper” functionality to JSON export, making it possible to add objects in an export object, without them being dataitems.
  • Added option to open the export queue from the “Record added to queue” notification.
  • Added action to open the export entry log directly from the export entry card.
  • Added Excel as a data type for both import and export.
  • Improved DateTime evaluation.
  • Added user comment field in import/export functions.
  • Moved import events to single codeunit (IDYC Import Events).
  • Moved export events to single codeunit (IDYC Export Events).
  • Renamed the setup wizard menu item from “Setup” to “Wizard”.
  • Fixed missing line no. for constant value lines in export of import definition.
  • Fixed dataitem not in output field handling for export definitions. Now functions on fields from a dataitem that is marked as not in output will be executed instead of ignored.
  • Fixed type evaluation for constant values.
  • Fixed new definition (import/export) being created outside the current page filter.
  • Fixed faulty automatically added xml element.
  • Fixed Help URL from Role center.
  • Fixed incorrect succes message during manually importing data. Now no “Succesfully created” message will be shown anymore in case nothing was created.
  • Fix in encoding of exported files.
  • Fix in scheduled import/export. Now starting and ending time from the recurrency tab on the definition card page will no longer be taken into account in case these fields are empty.
  • Fix in export events, “FieldValue” is now a var.

Release xx.0.0.1 May 2020
Initial release.

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