Available from version xx.5.0.0

Projects can be used to group multiple export and import definitions together.

While this can be simply done for administrative purposes, allowing easier filtering on definitions, there are some additional options that are available for projects as well:

Export/Backup projects, including the configuration for all related definitions
On the Project card the page actions Export Project and Backup to Archive can be found, allowing an export or backup similar to that found on the definitions.
This allows to create a single configuration backup for all related definitions, which can simplify the process for transferring definitions from one environment or company to another.
The backup option creates an entry in the archive in BC instead of an export file.

Stop processing after error
For both import and export processes an option is included, allowing the import/export process to stop after an error occurred on a previous import/export entry related to the same project.
These options can be used if the processing order is important to prevent later entries in the same project to be processed.

For import entries the check is done for all definitions related to the project, since the same records can be modified, regardless of import method.
For export entries the check only looks at definitions/endpoints with the same export method, allowing processing to continue for different methods.

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