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OAuth2 authorizations

Configuration » Administration » OAuth2 authorizations

This section explains how to setup and use OAuth2. ConnectIT 365 supports two grant types: Client Credentials and Authorization Code. When using authorization code, refresh token grant will be automatically used when possible. OAuth is available for REST and SOAP…


Processing » Import » Configuration » Methods » REST Endpoint » Authentication

There are two ways to authenticate to the webservice. 1. Basic Auth (username + password/ webservice acces key) This method will become obsolete for Business Central on Saas next year. 2. OAuth 2.0 To be able to use OAuth2, first you will need to set up an app…


Processing » Import » Configuration » Methods » REST

The following REST fields are available on the import definition card: General Field Description URL Specifies the URL for the REST request. Can be used in combination with temporary values to create a dynamic request URL. …

Release notes

Introduction » Release notes

Version Release date Available for 01-03-2023 BC15 and up The following improvements have been implemented: An app version check is now included in ConnectIT 365, which will display notifications if a…


Processing » Export » Configuration » Methods » REST

On the REST tab of the export definition, choose your authentication type and provide the credentials. Fill out the request information (URL and Content-Type) and if applicable, add information for the Request Headers. Finally, you can select an import definition that…