This section describes ConnectIT’s import functionality.

Item import from a JSON file

  • Open the import definition list. Role center -> Import -> Example Definitions.
  • Open Ixport Definition ‘E-0006’ (‘item’).
  • Activate the export by setting Active to ‘Yes’.
  • In the ‘Definition Lines’, set ‘No.’ to ‘1’ in the line with External Property Name ‘No’
  • In the ‘Constant Values’, delete the first line for ‘Object No.’ 27.
  • Click on the ‘Import Data’ action.
  • Use the file dialog to select the .json file you’ve saved in the export test.
  • A notification should be shown:
  • Go back to the role center.
  • Open the import entries list. Role center -> Import -> Entries.
  • Open the first and only entry.
  • Click on the ‘Process’ action.
  • After processing, check if a new item was created with the item no. you’ve entered in the exported .json file.

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