To be able to use SOAP, you will first have to to import the WSDL definition for the SOAP service you are planning to use. For more information on this, go here. When the WSDL is imported proceed below:

On the SOAP tab of the import definition, select the correct authorization type. Currently supported authorization types are anonymous, basic and bearer token.
Also on the SOAP tab, select the service you want to use, followed by the correct binding.

After selecting the desired binding, other fields will be filled automatically, as well as the SOAP Request Message lines.

The comment lines in the SOAP Request Message lines will tell you which elements are optional, which have to be in the request exactly once and which ones can occur more than once.
Use the exclude column to rule out any optional elements you do not want to use.
If you want to add an element that can occur more than once, click the Add Repeating Element and select the element you want to add.
Fill out all needed values. It is possible to use variables, to learn more about this check the Values.

Once the SOAP Request Message is complete, it is possible to generate import definition lines based on an XML file of the response, or based on the response from executing the SOAP call directly.
To do so, select Create, Create Definition Lines and when prompted select From Request. A SOAP call will be made and the response will be handled the way you are used to from creating definition lines directly from a selected file.

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