It is possible to set up and import definition that will serve as a POST, PUT and DELETE endpoint, to be used by external systems.

The external party will have to do a POST, PUT or DELETE call to[methodhere], using the following headers:

Tenant (3) See image below
Company See image below
Environment (3) See image below
Id Definition No. of the import definition
Content-Type application/json (1)
Base-URL (2) The Base URL for webservices
Accept application/json or application/xml or text/xml

1. It is only possible to post a JSON body. XML input is not supported.
2. Base-URL should not be provided for Microsoft SAAS tenants.
3. Should not be provided for OnPrem installations.

To prevent external parties from deleting content, it is possible to set the definition to not allow DELETE actions. Keep in mind that when delete actions are allowed, external parties that can authorize of your endpoint can delete all records.
To create new records, the external party should perform a POST action. To change an existing record, PUT should be used.

The JSON body in the request should represent the JSON definition lines to be able to process the content.

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