Codeunit: “IDYC Task Scheduler”
This codeunit is used for automatically importing and exporting via job queue entries.
For import:
The code checks if import for a definition is allowed to run again, based on last run time and recurrence settings. If import is allowed, the following events can take place.

- OnBeforeScheduleImport(ImportDefinitionHeader: Record “IDYC Import Definition Header”; var Handled: Boolean)
- OnAfterScheduleImport(ImportDefinitionHeader: Record “IDYC Import Definition Header”)

For export:
The code makes export entries for all records available in the export queue. Then, for each export entry made, the following events take place before and after processing the export entry:
- OnBeforeScheduleExport(ExportEntry: Record “IDYC Export Entry”; var Handled: Boolean)
- OnAfterScheduleExport(ExportEntry: Record “IDYC Export Entry”)

Codeunit: “IDYC Send Alert”
When an import or export process fails, optionally an alert can be send to mail, sms or whatsapp.
There are events available before and after the alert is sent.

- OnBeforeSendAlert(var Alert: Record “IDYC Alert”; Subject: Text; Body: Text; var Handled: Boolean)
- OnAfterSendAlert(var Alert: Record “IDYC Alert”; Subject: Text; Body: Text)

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