On the Import Definition card page, the Constant Values can be configured. These lines are used to import data that is not (directly) available in the import message.
Here constant values and functions can be used to set field values.

Field Description
Object No. Specifies the table number. Only constant values with tables used in the definition lines will be processed.
Object Caption Specifies the table caption for the table.
Field No. Specifies the field number to process.
Field Caption Specifies the field caption for the field.
Constant Value Specifies a constant value to use as the (initial) field value.
Functions Counts the number of functions used for the constant value line. Click on the number to see the function list.
Processing Policy Specifies when the constant value should be processed.
Only used for fields not part of the primary key. The following values are available:
  • After Key
  • Before Field
  • After Field
  • Last
Before/After Line No. Specifies before or after which line no. the field should be processed. Only used with Processing Policy options Before Field and After Field.
Before/After Field Caption Specifies the field caption for the Before/After Line No. field.
Validate Specifies if the field should be validated. This will execute the OnValidate() trigger in the table object for the field.
Run Trigger Specifies if the OnInsert() or OnModify() trigger should be executed for the table object when updating the field value.
Field Exists Specifies the action to take for a field when detecting an existing record to update. The following values are available:
  • Update
  • Do Nothing
  • Add Only used for fields with data type Media Set

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