For all actions executed by export and import definitions logging can be enabled.

In the ConnectIT 365 Setup the default logging level can be specified.
This default logging level is used when new definitions are created. These new definitions are automatically configured with the default logging level.

The following logging levels are available:

  • Debug
  • Detailed Information
  • Information Default value
  • Fatal Error
  • None

When level None is selected no logging will be generated for the export/import definition.

To cleanup the log entries, you can go to the ConnectIT: Log Entries page and use one of the following page actions:

  • Delete Entries Older Than 7 Days
  • Delete All Entries

These actions will take into account the current filter. For example, if you opened the Import Log Entries page, this will only cleanup log entries with direction Import.

It is also possible to schedule the cleanup of log entries.
To automate this process, create a job queue entry with codeunit 11148609 (IDYC Logging Helper) and use one of the following parameterstrings:

  • clear7daylogentries
  • clearalllogentries
  • clearlogentries_days=x

These parameterstrings do the same as the page actions, but will always cleanup both import and export log entries.

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