Below you will find functions that in our experience are used frequently.

The combination of SETTEMPVAL and GETTEMPVAL is used in almost every definition.
A common situation in export definitions is that values from fields in a record are needed, but the dataitem itself should not be part of the export. In this case we will set the dataitem to ‘not in output’ by unchecking the in output box. The values of the fields we need, we save temporarily with the SETTEMPVAL function. We use GETTEMPVAL to retrieve the values later in the definition lines, on a constant value line. This is just one example, there are many other possible applications for these functions.

Saves the FieldValue temporary in the Temporary Values table.
FieldValue = 2
Par1 = FIELD_A

Retrieves a formerly saved (with the SETTEMPVAL function) temporary value.
Par 1 = FIELD_A
Retrieved value = 2

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