In both the import and export definition, you will find a tab Alerts. There are three options available, to where alerts can be sent.
Alerts can be configured on both success and failure states.

The first option is to use E-mail.
For Business Central 20.0 and later an Email Account should be configured.
ConnectIT 365 checks if there is an Email Account configured with email scenario ConnectIT Alert assigned.
If this can’t be found, ConnectIT will check if an Email Account is configured as default.
If neither can be found, the alert notification will fail.

For Business Central 17, 18 and 19 Email Accounts can also be used, however in these major versions Email Accounts are only used when the feature is enabled.
For Business Central 16 and older, and 17, 18 and 19 installations with the Email Accounts feature disabled the SMTP Settings are used.
Make sure SMTP settings in your Business Central environment are filled out correctly in case you choose to use this option.

For WhatsApp and SMS, you will have to provide Twillio Account information in the ConnectIT Setup.

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