The Export Table Monitor makes it possible to track changes in your database, and let these changes be a trigger to start an export.
This will result in records in the ConnectIT Export Queue, that can be processed and will result in an Export Entry.

The table monitor can be configured from the export definition card on the tab Table Monitors.
After creating the export structure in the definition lines, the export monitor will automatically show the root data item used in the lines.

Here it is possible to set the monitor active and choose which type of changes to monitor.
The monitor can be used to track insert, modify and delete transactions.
There is also an option to only track changes for records that were originally imported with a ConnectIT import definition.

For modifications, it is also possible to only track changes for certain fields.
This can be configured by opening the table monitor card.

The tab Monitored Fields will show all fields from the data item that will be monitored for changes.
If no fields are selected, all fields will be monitored for changes.
If there are fields defined, only these fields will be monitored for changes.

With the release of ConnectIT 365 version XX.4.100309.0 it is also possible to exclude fields from the monitor.
To use this feature, select the option Exclude Fields.
Instead of the tab Monitored Fields, the tab Excluded Fields will now be displayed.
Add fields to exclude from monitoring, meaning that all fields except the fields defined will be monitored.

In the following example all fields from the Customer record will be monitored, except field 53 (Last Modified Date Time) and field 54 (Last Date Modified).

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