It is possible to set up and export definition that will serve as a GET endpoint, to be used by external systems.

The external party will have to do a GET call to, using the following headers:

Tenant (4) See image below
Company See image below
Environment (3) See image below
Id Definition No. of the export definition
Content-Type application/json
Base-URL (2) The Base URL for webservices
Accept application/json or application/xml or text/xml

1. It is only possible to post a JSON body. XML input is not supported.
2. Base-URL should not be provided for Microsoft SAAS tenants.
3. Should not be provided for OnPrem installations.
4. Should only be provided for multi-tenant installations.

Optionally use one of these parameters:

RecordId When a RecordId is provided, the information of the specified record will be retrieved from the database, based on the import definition lines. The RecordId value can be a record id, system id, or any other field by which a record can be identified. Which value has to be used is set up in the definition.
FromDate A filter can be set using FromDate (date). Depending on the definition setup, the FromDate represents for example the document date, booking date, modified date, etc.
This filter can be set by the caller. Additional (fixed) filters can be set in the definition lines.

If neither of these two headers are added to the request, all records will be retrieved from the database.

For more information on how to authenticate to the service, please check here.

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