After the Endpoint configuration is completed, the endpoints can be selected from the Export Definition card.

Select option Use Endpoints or use method Mixed (this method will automatically set the option Use Endpoints to true.

A new tab will be visible where the endpoints can be added.
This can be done manually or by using the action Add Endpoints in the menu for the subpage.
By using the Add Endpoints action it’s possible to select multiple endpoints with one action.

Only Endpoints for the same method as selected in the definition can be added, unless method Mixed is used, which will allow all endpoints, regardless of the used method.
An example for using multiple endpoints without method Mixed is in combination with method REST, where it is possible to configure additional REST headers on both the definition and endpoint, allowing for a flexible configuration of endpoints.

The following fields are available:

Field Description
Endpoint No. Code for the endpoint.
Description FlowField. Shows the description for the selected method.
Method FlowField. Shows the method selected in the endpoint configuration.
Active FlowField. Shows if the endpoint is active. If the endpoint is not active, no export entry for this endpoint will be created and processed.
Priority The priority determines the order in which the export entries for the endpoints are processed.

The following actions are available:

Action Description
Add Endpoints Allows to add multiple endpoints by selecting them from a list.
Open Endpoint Card Open the endpoint card to show configuration details.
Move Priority Up Move the priority for the endpoint up by 1.
Move Priority Down Move the priority for the endpoint down by 1.

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