To configure Endpoints, go to the Endpoint list. You can find this list by searching for Endpoint List or by using the menu in the ConnectIT Manager Role Center under Administration / Additional Setup.

Create a new endpoint or open an existing endpoint to show configuration details on the Endpoint card:

The following fields are available on the endpoint card:

Field Description
No. Code for the endpoint. Uses No. Series as configured in the ConnectIT Setup to determine next available number. This field can be edited if the No. Series is configured to allow manual entries.
Description Description for the endpoint.
Method Method usedin the endpoint configuration. Determines which method specific fields are visible on the endpoint card.
Encoding Encoding used in the exported message/file.
Filename Template Filename used for the exported file. Can contain variables and temporary values from the definition.
Active Option to set the endpoint active or inactive. Needs to be active to be used in export definitions.

Other fields will be available, depending on the selected method.
These fields are the same as on the export definition card, and will be used instead of the fields on the export definition if Use Endpoints is selected on the definition.

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