Before this release, all logging was done through the ConnectIT API. This was done to prevent locking on logging transactions.
However, this solution came with a cost for the more verbose logging levels (e.g. Debug, Detailed Information) because every logging line was sent to the ConnectIT API with a separate API request.
This means that the more verbose the logging level, the more it could cause performance issues.
This is also part of the reason why we advice to set the logging level to Information in production environments, since this will return errors but uses minimal logging and minimal API requests.

With this beta feature enabled the logging is kept within Business Central, so no additional API requests are done to store and retrieve logging information.
This should increase performance when logging levels like Debug and Detailed Information are used.

Why is this functionality introduced as optional beta feature?
While we are confident that this will increase performance on the verbose logging levels, this will increase memory usage in the session.
This means that this could have it’s limitations, and while we haven’t seen any errors during testing, the beta feature will allow us to track any potential issues and also allow the user to fall back to the original logging using the ConnectIT API.

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