ConnectIT 365 is an extension for Microsoft Dynamics Business Central that offers the tools to create your own interfaces for communication between the Business Central ERP system and third party applications, through an extensive set of facilities for export and import of data in various formats. The extension is suitable for standard Business Central functionality as well as for customizations present in your environment.

The functionality of ConnectIT 365 includes, but is not limited to, the following key features:

  • Create import and export definitions from within Business Central – no changes needed in external application
  • Multiple methods allow for communication with several applications:
    • FTP
    • REST
    • SOAP
    • Azure Storage
    • Azure Service Bus
    • Azure Event Grid (export only)
    • DropBox
    • E-Mail (export only)
    • Intercompany
  • Export and import can be carried out using various data formats:
    • JSON
    • XML
    • CSV
    • Excel
  • Monitoring records for specified export or import definitions.
    • Only export the records that need to be exported.
  • Import can create, update or duplicate records.
  • Individual values can be adjusted or converted as necessary for the other systems.
    • A broad set of functions to alter data is available in ConnectIT.
    • Missing a function, create your own Azure Function / REST Function .
      • Free examples available on
  • Use Job Queues to automate the export and import processes. Setup recurrency per definition.
  • Use ConnectIT Tasks to initiate secondary or sequentional imports or exports.
  • Detailed debugging available
  • Easily export or import definitions to other companies, saving lots of setup time.

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