If Add Documents is enabled in the Report Email Setup for the report and language the Attachments page will be opened during the ApproveIT flow.
This will allow the user to add additional documents in the envelope to DocuSign for the recipients to view and approve.
For the recipients, these documents will all be combined in the DocuSign portal.

Click New to add a new document.
Use the Assist Edit (3 horizontal dots) in the Filename field or use Add Attachment action to upload a document.

After selecting a document, the filename and extension will automatically be filled.
Optionally a DocuSign Tab Set can be assigned to add multiple fields for the signers in the DocuSign portal.

The following fields are available on this page:

Field Description
Filename Specifies the filename for the uploaded file. This filename will also be used in the email sent after the signing is completed.
Extension Specifies the extension for the uploaded file.
DS Tab Set Specifies the DocuSign Tab Set used for this additional document to add fields for the signer in the DocuSign portal.

Click OK to continue the process and add the additional documents to the DocuSign request.
Click Cancel to continue without adding additional documents. Only the original report generated for the source document will be used in the DocuSign request.