The following will be visible for the recipients.

After sending the document to DocuSign, the recipients will receive an email with a link to the document in the DocuSign portal.
Click on Review Document to open the document DocuSign.

If the recipient doesn’t have a DocuSign account, they will be asked to agree to use electronic records and signatures.
Click the checkbox and the continue button to review the document.

The document will now be visible including the DocuSign tabs selected for this recipient.
DocuSign can guide the recipient through the document by clicking start.
DocuSign will stop at every tab that requires input from the recipient.

The first time when filling in initials or a signature, DocuSign asks the recipient to adopt a signature and fill in the full name and initials.
DocuSign will automatically suggest a name, initials and a signature based on the recipient name used in the ApproveIT flow.
For the signature the recipient can select a style, or alternatively draw signature or upload a picture.
Click on the Adopt and initial/sign button to use the current style and continue.

Some DocuSign tabs are read only and don’t require any input from the recipient.
The full name and signed date for example are read only fields, but will be updated automatically when the recipient signs the document.
The job title is an example of a tab that is editable, but if the recipient used DocuSign before, this can already contain the value previously used.

After completing all fields that require input, DocuSign will allow the recipient to finish the signing process.
Click on one of the Finish buttons to continue and close the DocuSign portal.

If no DocuSign account for the recipient is known, DocuSign will ask to create a DocuSign account.
This is not required for signing documents.
To continue, either provide information for a DocuSign account and click Submit or simply click No Thanks to leave the portal.

After finishing signing the document, DocuSign will show the following page to the recipient.

After completing the signing process, all recipients will receive a signed copy of the document in the email.