When you have multiple users in your organization who need access to Docusign you can send them an invite from the Docusign Portal.
The user can register by clicking and following the steps via Link Account.

The following fields are available:

Field Description
User ID Specifies the Business Central username for the linked account. This is used to determine which DocuSign account should be used to start the ApproveIT flow.
DocuSign User ID Specifies the linked DocuSign user ID for the Business Central user. Read-only.
Full Name Specifies the full name for the DocuSign user. This is used in the communication to the recipients. Read-only.
E-mail Specifies the emailaddress for the DocuSign user. This is used in the communicatoin to the recipients. Read-only.
Default Specifies if the ApproveIT user is the default user. If no linked DocuSign account can be found for the Business Central user that starts the ApproveIT flow, the ApproveIT User Setup will be checked for a default user.

The following page actions are available:

Action Description
Link Account Link the current Business Central account to a DocuSign user.
Update my account info Update DocuSign account info for the current Business Central user.